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Selecting rows from Pandas Series where rows are arrays

I'm trying to analyze US polling data, specifically, I'm trying to work out which States are safe, marginal, or tight ('closeness'). I have a dataframe with survey results by time and their 'closeness'. I'm using this Pandas statement to get a summary of the 'closeness' entries.


This is giving me this series (selection shown for brevity):

AK [safe]
AL [safe]
CA [safe]
CO [safe, tight, marginal]
FL [marginal, tight]
IA [safe, tight, marginal]
ID [safe]
IL [safe]
IN [tight, safe]
Name: closeness, dtype: object

The rows are of type array, so, for example,

array(['safe'], dtype=object)

I'm trying to select from this series, but I can't get the syntax right. For example, I'm trying to select just the 'safe' States using this syntax:

ipdb> s[s == 'safe']
*** ValueError: The truth value of an array with more than one element is ambiguous. Use a.any() or a.all()

this doesn't work either:

test[test == ['safe'])

Here's what I'd like to do: select States that are 'marginal' or 'tight', select States that are 'safe' and only 'safe' and so on. Does anyone have any idea of the syntax I should use, or a better approach in the first place?

Here's a sample of the data before the groupby:

ipdb> self.daily.head(3)
Date Democratic share Margin Method Other share \

0 2008-11-04 0.378894 -0.215351 Election 0.026861
1 2008-11-04 0.387404 -0.215765 Election 0.009427
2 2008-11-04 0.388647 -0.198512 Election 0.024194

Republican share State closeness winner
0 0.594245 AK safe Republican
1 0.603169 AL safe Republican

Answer Source

Say you have a DataFrame with a series of lists, say:

df = pd.DataFrame({'a': [['safe'], ['safe', 'tight'], []]})

Then to see which ones are exactly safe, you can use:

In [7]: df.a.apply(lambda x: x == ['safe'])
0     True
1    False
2    False
Name: a, dtype: bool

To find the ones which include safe, you can use:

 In [9]: df.a.apply(lambda x: 'safe' in x)
 0     True
 1     True
 2    False
 Name: a, dtype: bool

and so on.

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