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Promises and for loops - trying to validate multiple element text

I am working on a function that will read the text of elements after using a filter feature. I have printed out the returned text and it is getting the elements, however I do not think I understand js promises.. activeFilters is a var I have already identified.

this.verifyColorFilterFunctional = function(color) {
var bool = true;
activeFilters.count().then(function (count) {
var amt = count - 1;
for (var i = 0; i < amt; i++){
activeFilters.get(i).getText().then(function(text) {
bool = (color === text);
if (!bool) {
return expect(bool).to.become(true);

The console.log prints out true and false as desired, however there are two things I have noticed. When false, it doesnt break like I told it to in the if statement. Also, I am getting a typeError: true is not a thenable error.. I believe the logic sounds good in my head but not to JS. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer Source

Protractor's element.all() supports getText() method which will return you the text displayed in the elements as an array.Then you can easily compare the resultant array using expect method.

this.verifyColorFilterFunctional = function(color) {
    activeFilters.getText().then(function (textArray) {
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