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Error: Code too Large in Generated Java File

I'm coding a Java application that reads a .MID file and generates a .java(wich when compiled and executed generates a .wav file), however, the generated .java file cointains a very large constructor method, so the generated code won't compile. I'm aware of the maximum size of 64kb for each method, but is there a way to change it? Thanks!

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Simply make your app break down the constructor into several methods - that is, the constructor calls multiple small methods to do its job. This also makes debugging easier as fixing bugs scattered across methods one method at a time is more of a piece of cake rather than dealing with a huge, broken method.

Here's an example of a method (not necessarily a constructor, in fact you can break down all kinds of methods) broken down into smaller methods:

public int doLotsOfStuff(String arg0, int arg1, boolean arg2, BiFunction<Boolean, String, Integer> arg3){
    arg0 = reverse(arg0);
    foo(arg1, arg2);
    return bar(arg0, Integer.valueOf(arg1), arg2, arg3);

String reverse(String arg0){
    StringBuilder foobar = new StringBuilder(arg0);
    return foobar.toString();

void foo(int arg0, boolean arg1){
    System.out.println(arg1 ? ~arg0 : arg0);

<A, B> int bar(String arg0, A arg1, B arg2, BiFunction<B, String, A> arg3){
    return String.valueOf(arg3.apply(arg2, arg1)).concat(arg0).hashCode();
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