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Getting started with speech recognition and python

I would like to know where one could get started with speech recognition. Not with a library or anything that is fairly "Black Box'ed" But instead, I want to know where I can Actually make a simple speech recognition script. I have done some searching and found, not much, but what I have seen is that there are dictionaries of 'sounds' or syllables that can be pieced together to form text. So basically my question is where can I get started with this?

Also, since this is a little optimistic, I would also be fine with a library (for now) to use in my program. I saw that some speech to text libraries and APIs spit out only one results. This is ok, but it would be unrealiable. My current program already checks the grammar and everything of any text entered, so that way if I were to have say, the top ten results from the speech to text software, than It could check each and rule out any that don't make sense.

Answer Source

UPDATE: this is not working anymore

because google closed her platform


you can use

$> pip install pygsr

example usage:

from pygsr import Pygsr
speech = Pygsr()
# duration in seconds
# select the language
phrase, complete_response = speech.speech_to_text('en_US')

print phrase
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