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iOS Question

"Save for Enterprise Distribution" as ipa file, does it install in any device?

Suppose I have enterprise account and when I "Save for Enterprise Distribution" as ipa file, does ipa will install in any device?
Irrespective of Apple Id of end user is unknown ?

In other words, in which case the app will install and when it won't ?

I have went through Apple Documentation
But I am not able to find explanation of how target devices are linked to iPA file? In case ad hoc, I know its via UUID of device.

Answer Source

Yes, it will, but for using it, you will need the user to trust your enterprise account in their Setting - General - Device Management

Also you will need a server to distribute the app, the user will be able to install through safari

Some docs to help you can be find:

  1. Distributing Apple Developer Enterprise Program Apps
  2. Guidelines for installing custom enterprise apps on iOS
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