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SQL Question

Linq subquery same table using lambda

I've been for a while trying to do using Linq and lambda expressions a query that I did already in SQL, but there is something that I'm missing...

This is the SQL query:

select o.ord_no from orders o where 1 <=
(select count(*) from orders where orders.purch_amt < o.purch_amt
and orders.ord_date = '2012-02-14')

How could I do the same query but using Linq and lambda expressions???

Answer Source

try this:

var date = DateTime.ParseExact("20120214", 

var result = dbContext.orders
        .Where(q => dbContext.orders
                     .Where(s => s.purch_amt < q.purch_amt)
                     .Where(s => s.ord_date == date).Count() > 0)
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