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PHP Question

Fatal error: Class 'NumberFormatter' not found

I've been using this exact same code for ages, and I have never had a single problem. Now all of a sudden it has stopped working.

I have read across the internet about this problem, and apparently you need

PHP 5.3 or higher
installed, and the
PHP intl
plugin installed. I have both of these, yet I am still receiving a
Fatal error: Class 'NumberFormatter' not found
error whenever I use the following function:

function format_item($value)
$format = new \NumberFormatter('en_US', \NumberFormatter::CURRENCY);
return $format->formatCurrency($value, 'AUD');

Also, here is a snippit from my
file showing that I have the
PHP intl
plugin installed:

intl.default_locale = fr_FR
; This directive allows you to produce PHP errors when some error
; happens within intl functions. The value is the level of the error produced.
; Default is 0, which does not produce any errors.
intl.error_level = E_WARNING

I also have the
in my
, and it is also in my directory.

Why am I getting this error?

Answer Source

This seems to be some really weird problem, and I somehow fixed it by doing the following:

I upgraded my PHP in Wamp through this tutorial. I also updated my timezone in php.ini When I upgraded it didn't work, so I reverted back to my previous version of PHP, and voilĂ  - it worked.

I have absolutely no idea how this solved the problem, however it worked for me.

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