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Python Question

Get All Follower IDs in Twitter by Tweepy

Is it possible to get the full follower list of an account who has more than one million followers, like McDonald's?

I use Tweepy and follow the code:

c = tweepy.Cursor(api.followers_ids, id = 'McDonalds')
ids = []
for page in c.pages():

I also try this:

for id in c.items():

But I always got the 'Rate limit exceeded' error and there were only 5000 follower ids.

Answer Source

In order to avoid rate limit, you can/should wait before the next follower page request. Looks hacky, but works:

import time
import tweepy

auth = tweepy.OAuthHandler(..., ...)
auth.set_access_token(..., ...)

api = tweepy.API(auth)

ids = []
for page in tweepy.Cursor(api.followers_ids, screen_name="McDonalds").pages():

print len(ids)

Hope that helps.

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