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Node.js Question

NPM module installation error

I am getting Error: tunneling socket could not be established, cause=getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND while trying to install a module in node.js. It seems some proxy error.I checked in browser setting ,proxy is disabled. But when i am checking in command prompt npm config get proxy, getting How to disable this?

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First, try to execute npm config delete proxy. If you get something like Error: ENOENT, unlink '/Users/drlazor/.npmrc' is OK; that means you don't have a npm config file and, therefore, no proxy settings.

Second, verify you have no proxy settings with npm config get proxy. You should get a nullor the above error. If you keep on getting a result different from null, you should also ensure you haven't set the environment variable HTTP_PROXY.

Third and last, if none of those worked, try accessing the URL from your browser; it could be a network issue after all.

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