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AngularJS Question

Angular Ui-Grid Conditional CellTemplate

I need to show a button in my ui-grid as long as the field value is NOT an empty string. I tried using

but it is not working. Here is the code in my grid options:

{ field: 'ReleaseStatus', width: 125, displayName: 'Release Status', cellTemplate: '<div ng-if="row.entity.ReleaseStatus != """><button id="editBtn" type="button" class="btn btn-default" data-toggle="modal" data-target="#myModal" ng-click="grid.appScope.launch(row)">{{COL_FIELD}}</button></div>' },

Without the
the button displays and works great. However, because some records have an empty string for the field ReleaseStatus, the button should not appear.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Answer Source

you should write it this way:

'<div ng-if="row.entity.ReleaseStatus !== \'\'">'

you can also put the ng-if directly on the buttom you are trying to hide.

however be careful of using ng-if because it creates a new scope everytime.

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