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Errors when using RStudio's Git tools

When attempting to push to GitHub from RStudio, I get the following errors.

error: unable to read askpass response from 'rpostback-askpass'
fatal: could not read Username for '':
No such device or address

RStudio has my origin as

when it actually should be

RStudio will not allow me to change the origin from the version control system. Here is what it shows:

enter image description here

Is it possible to change my GitHub origin url from RStudio?

Answer Source

Thanks to the pro tip provided by @krlmlr in the comments,

Use an empty target directory. Look for "clone URL" on your GitHub project page, perhaps choose the SSH variant.

I clicked "clone url" on GitHub once, nothing. Then again, nothing. And once again for good measure, nothing. So I went to the terminal, read the man git help file, and decided to change my password and reconfigure. These are the lines I ran, and it was successful.

git config --global <>
git config --global <>   
git clone
git pull

Then I went to RStudio and it allowed me to clone my repository, and change the URL of my version control setting. Here's a colorful pic

New project -> Version Control -> Git -> Create Project

enter image description here

Next, magic happened, and I had a copy of my package which I very carefully removed to prepare to push the development tarball to GitHub. Rock on.

@krlmlr, I thank you for nudging me in the right direction. Now I feel like I'm actually doing it the right way. :)

And for fun, try saying 'rpostback-askpass' ten times fast.

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