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jQuery Question

jquery: click event by name

I am stuck with very small issue but due to some reason. I am not able to find the solution. I hope you guys can help me in this.

<a href="#" class="btn btn-small btn-danger" name="ignore" id="45"><i class= "fa fa-close"> </i> Ignore </a>

<a title="ignore1" data-original-title="ignore1" id="14" name="ignore1" class="btn btn-small btn-danger" href="#"><i class="fa fa-close"> </i> Ignore1 </a>

You can see two hyperlinks and here is the jquery code.

$("a[name='ignore1']").click(function() {
alert('Test Ok');

$("a[name='ignore']").click(function() {


Due to some reason i am not getting alert. Any advise on this?

Answer Source

You need to make sure that the DOM is loaded.


If you are dynamicaly loading the elements you may want to use on() which will dynamicaly attach the event:

$(document).on("click","a[name='ignore']", function() {
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