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iOS remove devices on expired developer account

I'm trying to test an app on my iPhone but keep getting the error:

Unable to add device 'Kai's iPhone' because the team has already reached the maximum number of iPhone devices.

I've let my paid developer account expire, so I'm using a free account but can no longer seem to access the page to remove old devices as outlined in the apple developer guide.

To disable or enable a device:

  • Sign in to developer.apple.com/account, and click Certificates, IDs &

  • Under Devices, select All.

  • Select the device you want to disable or enable.

  • Click either Enable or Disable.

I have seen and tried suggestions from this question although I don't think it's relevant consider the age of that question, since free developer accounts did not exist at that time and because the answer suggests to disable devices when you renew your account.

Is there another way to remove devices from your account that does not have a current paid developer membership?

Kai Kai
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For anyone that has this question in future.

As it seems there is an issue on Apple's end since paid accounts can have up to 100 devices and free accounts can have "much less". When going from having a paid developer account to a free account all devices attached to your developer account remain unless you remove them before you membership expires (I assume so you don't need to re add them when you re-subscribe).

The only way to resolve it is to get Apples Technical Support to remove the devices that were assigned to your paid account (Since free accounts cannot access the add/remove device section the website) or again sign up to the paid developer program.

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