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JSON Question

Getting JSON formatted response with oracledb npm and nodejs

I'm requesting data using oracledb npm trying to get a JSON formatted response

here is an example of select block I'm using :

const block =
'BEGIN ' +
':response := PK.getData(:param);' +

Called using :

const result = await connection.execute(block, bindVars);

Then later using express :


In this configuration I get a response with the good data BUT postman tells me that it is a string when it should see it as JSON

{ "metadata":[{"client":"name"...

If I use .json() :


I get this kind of response with double quotes and escaped chars :

"{ \"metadata\":[{\"client\":\"name\"...

Any idea how to solve this ?

Answer Source

You need to do JSON.parse on your response, because you can send only string as response from server


Add Content-Type: application/json header so it will be auto parsed in Postman

res.header('Content-Type' , 'application/json');
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