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Reducing apk size for hybrid apps on Intel XDK

I started making apps with Intel XDK a while ago and I embraced like if I had no choice the 20+ MB apks, slow app start up and crazy permissions that I didn't ask for.

Searching today for a better css framework to make material design complying apps (I was using Material Design Lite, from google) I found Framework7.

Really neat framework if you ask me, and the showcase is awesome:

Some apps I installed from the showcase range from 988KB to 4MB.

How is that even possible?

I read that HTML5 is one of the most popular language to build apps and I'm doing it completely wrong.

Please, guide me in the right direction for the best practice to make fast and lightweight apps for Android and iOs.

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XDK has a feature to easily embedded CrossWalk into your APK. While this does give you a consistent WebView, i.e. your app won't look or act different when running on Android 4.0 vs Android 5.0, it does add to the size of your APK.

Review the documentation on why you should use CrossWalk: CrossWalk Project FAQ

NOTE: Intel had retired Crosswalk - Intel XDK FAQ and CrossWalk Final Release

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