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Sass (Sass) Question

Jekyll detect sass file with yaml front matter as page

I made a liquid template for navigation menu and tried to add active css rule to current active menu item.

Here are my liquid tag to render the menu item:

<ul class="list-inline float-right">
{% assign menu_pages = site.pages | sort: 'index' %}
{% for p in menu_pages limit 3 %}
{% if page.menu_title and page.url == p.url %}
<li class="active"><a href="{{ p.url | prepend: site.baseurl }}">{{ p.menu_title }}</a></li>
{% else %}
<li><a href="{{ p.url | prepend: site.baseurl }}">{{ p.menu_title }}</a></li>
{% endif %}
{% endfor %}

is a yaml front matter variable to sort menu items.

is a yaml front matter variable to add custom menu title shown on the menu bar.

I add those two front matter variables above directly to my
file in root which are going to be rendered as pages.

But when I checked this on browser, I got another blank menu items that link me to my main.css and framework.css file.

Here is the rendered html:

<ul class="list-inline float-right">
<li><a href="/css/main.css"></a></li>
<li><a href="/css/framework.css"></a></li>
<li class="active"><a href="/">Home</a></li>
<li><a href="/works/">Works</a></li>
<li><a href="/blog/">Blog</a></li>

This happened right after I include my main.sass and framework.sass file to Jekyll assets which located in
folder while the partial sass file in
folder. I assume the front matter makes those two sass file being rendered as pages and this is because of yaml front matter I added to my two sass file. I tried to delete the double
line on top of them then I refresh the localhost and the blank menu items gone.

I have three menu items to be rendered:

  • Home

  • Works

  • Blog

but the result is five!

So is it true that this because the yaml front matter? How can I fix this while using Jekyll sass assets pipeline?

Answer Source

In this case you'd be better to use site.html_pages instead:

{% assign menu_pages = site.html_pages | sort: 'index' %}

From https://jekyllrb.com/docs/variables/#site-variables, site.html_pages is:

A subset of site.pages listing those which end in .html.

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