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R Create a variable with the levels of grouped data

I have a data frame such as


data = data.frame(ID = as.factor(c("A", "A", "B","B","C","C")),
var.color= as.factor(c("red", "blue", "green", "red", "green", "yellow")))

I wonder whether it is possible to get the levels of each group in
) and create a variable that pastes them. I have attempted to do so by running the following:

data %>% group_by(ID) %>%
mutate(ex = paste(droplevels(var.color), sep = "_"))

That yields:

Source: local data frame [6 x 3]
Groups: ID [3]

ID var.color ex
<fctr> <fctr> <chr>
1 A red red
2 A blue blue
3 B green red
4 B red red
5 C green green
6 C yellow yellow

However, my desired
should be something like:

ID var.color ex
<fctr> <fctr> <chr>
1 A red red_blue
2 A blue red_blue
3 B green green_red
4 B red green_red
5 C green green_yellow
6 C yellow green_yellow

Answer Source

Basically, you need collapse instead of sep

Instead of dropping levels , you can just paste the text together grouped by ID

data  %>% group_by(ID) %>%
         mutate(ex = paste(var.color, collapse = "_"))

#     ID     var.color     ex
#    <fctr>    <fctr>     <chr>
#1      A       red     red_blue
#2      A      blue     red_blue
#3      B     green     green_red
#4      B       red     green_red
#5      C     green     green_yellow
#6      C    yellow     green_yellow