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MySQL Question

How do I create a CSV file from database in Python?

I have a Sqlite 3 and/or MySQL table named "clients"..

Using python 2.6, How do I create a csv file named Clients100914.csv with headers?
excel dialect...

The Sql execute: select * only gives table data, but I would like complete table with headers.

How do I create a record set to get table headers. The table headers should come directly from sql not written in python.

w = csv.writer(open(Fn,'wb'),dialect='excel')
#Fetch into sqld

This code leaves me with file open and no headers. Also cant get figure out how to use file as log.

Answer Source
import csv
import sqlite3

from glob import glob; from os.path import expanduser
conn = sqlite3.connect( # open "places.sqlite" from one of the Firefox profiles
cursor = conn.cursor()
cursor.execute("select * from moz_places;")
#with open("out.csv", "w", newline='') as csv_file:  # Python 3 version    
with open("out.csv", "wb") as csv_file:              # Python 2 version
    csv_writer = csv.writer(csv_file)
    csv_writer.writerow([i[0] for i in cursor.description]) # write headers

PEP 249 (DB API 2.0) has more information about cursor.description.

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