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MySQL Question

Why only last item is saved in database?

I have problem, becouse only last item from loop is saved in database.
Im using CakePhp 2.x


for ($x=1; $x <= count($this->request->data['Goodsandoffer'])/3;$x++){
$promID = $this->request->data['Goodsandoffer']['promotionaloffer_id_'.$x];
if($this->request->data['Goodsandoffer']['cenaPromocyjna_'.$x] != ''){
$helperReqestTable3 = array('promotionaloffer_id'=>$this->request->data['Goodsandoffer']['promotionaloffer_id_'.$x],'good_id'=>$this->request->data['Goodsandoffer']['good_id_'.$x],'cenaPromocyjna'=>$this->request->data['Goodsandoffer']['cenaPromocyjna_'.$x]);

Here is how look my debug in loop:

'Goodsandoffer' => array(
'promotionaloffer_id' => '7',
'good_id' => '18',
'cenaPromocyjna' => '1'

And in next interation:

'Goodsandoffer' => array(
'promotionaloffer_id' => '7',
'good_id' => '19',
'cenaPromocyjna' => '2'

In database is created only one row with last item.


class Goodsandoffer extends AppModel {

public $displayField = 'id';

public $belongsTo = array(
'Promotionaloffer' => array(
'className' => 'Promotionaloffer',
'foreignKey' => 'promotionaloffer_id',
'conditions' => '',
'fields' => '',
'order' => ''
'Good' => array(
'className' => 'Good',
'foreignKey' => 'good_id',
'conditions' => '',
'fields' => '',
'order' => ''

Answer Source

Have you tried calling $this->Goodsandoffer->create() before you call save? That way you're definitely telling Cake to create a new record each time.

The general process of creating and saving data in Cake is:

  1. $this->Model->create()
  2. $this->Model->set($data_array)
  3. $this->Model->save()

You can also eliminate step 2 above by passing you $data_array to the save() function:


NOTE: from the manual (if you aren't using create()):

When calling save in a loop, don’t forget to call clear().

Another way you could create new data would be to make sure the primary key for your model is null in the data set you pass into save, although this is a little less obvious and probably best to stick to the create/[set/]save flow:

$data = array('id' => null, 'somefield' => 'foobar');
$this->Model->save($data); // new record created
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