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Android: Is there a way to detect if a sound from SoundPool is still playing

I am writting a sound board. I would like it so when a person presses the button to play the sound, it would first see if a sound is stil playing. So it can then stop that sound and start the new one.

Is thier a way to see if a sound id still playing, I'm jsing the following code to start my sound

// Sound code
void StartSound(int id)
AudioManager audioManager = (AudioManager) getSystemService(AUDIO_SERVICE);
float actualVolume = (float) audioManager
float maxVolume = (float) audioManager

float volume=(float) ((float)cGlobals.gVol/100.00);
// Is the sound loaded already?

soundPool.play(id, volume, volume, 1, 0, 1f);


Answer Source
class AudioSystem{
     * Checks whether the specified stream type is active.
     * return true if any track playing on this stream is active.
    public static native boolean isStreamActive(int stream, int inPastMs);

And for stream:

/** The audio stream for phone calls */
public static final int STREAM_VOICE_CALL = AudioSystem.STREAM_VOICE_CALL;
/** The audio stream for system sounds */
public static final int STREAM_SYSTEM = AudioSystem.STREAM_SYSTEM;
/** The audio stream for the phone ring */
public static final int STREAM_RING = AudioSystem.STREAM_RING;
/** The audio stream for music playback */
public static final int STREAM_MUSIC = AudioSystem.STREAM_MUSIC;
/** The audio stream for alarms */
public static final int STREAM_ALARM = AudioSystem.STREAM_ALARM;
/** The audio stream for notifications */
public static final int STREAM_NOTIFICATION = AudioSystem.STREAM_NOTIFICATION;
/** @hide The audio stream for phone calls when connected to bluetooth */
public static final int STREAM_BLUETOOTH_SCO = AudioSystem.STREAM_BLUETOOTH_SCO;
/** @hide The audio stream for enforced system sounds in certain countries (e.g camera in Japan) */
public static final int STREAM_SYSTEM_ENFORCED = AudioSystem.STREAM_SYSTEM_ENFORCED;
/** The audio stream for DTMF Tones */
public static final int STREAM_DTMF = AudioSystem.STREAM_DTMF;
/** @hide The audio stream for text to speech (TTS) */
public static final int STREAM_TTS = AudioSystem.STREAM_TTS;

Check for whatever type of audio stream you want to check. For example, AudioSystem.isStreamActive(STREAM_MUSIC, 0) to check whether any music is active.

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