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Using CSV module to append multiple files while removing appended headers

I would like to use the Python CSV module to open a CSV file for appending. Then, from a list of CSV files, I would like to read each csv file and write it to the appended CSV file. My script works great - except that I cannot find a way to remove the headers from all but the first CSV file being read. I am certain that my

block of code is not executing properly. Perhaps my syntax for my
if else
code is the problem? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

writeFile = open(append_file,'a+b')
writer = csv.writer(writeFile,dialect='excel')
for files in lstFiles:
readFile = open(input_file,'rU')
reader = csv.reader(readFile,dialect='excel')
for i in range(0,len(lstFiles)):
if i == 0:
oldHeader = readFile.readline()
newHeader = writeFile.write(oldHeader)
for row in reader:
for row in reader:
row = readFile.readlines()

Answer Source

I think you're iterating too many times (over various things: both your list of files and the files themselves). You've definitely got some consistency problems; it's a little hard to be sure since we can't see your variable initializations. This is what I think you want:

with open(append_file,'a+b') as writeFile:
    need_headers = True
    for input_file in lstFiles:
        with open(input_file,'rU') as readFile:
            headers = readFile.readline()
            if need_headers:
                # Write the headers only if we need them
                need_headers = False
            # Now write the rest of the input file.
            for line in readFile:

I took out all the csv-specific stuff since there's no reason to use it for this operation. I also cleaned the code up considerably to make it easier to follow, using the files as context managers and a well-named boolean instead of the "magic" i == 0 check. The result is a much nicer block of code that (hopefully) won't have you jumping through hoops to understand what's going on.

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