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Node.js and Express, data.push is not a function

I'm getting an error pushing newTask to allTasks, with the error being

TypeError: allTasks.push is not a function

is the JSON data pulled from a file using

var allTasks = JSON.parse(data);
var newTask = {
id: Date.now(),
title: "BAM",
description: "BOOM",
image: "SLAM"

I've tried declaring
as an array before parsing JSON But that didn't work either.

data.json is:

"tasks": [{
"id": 1,
"title": "something",
"description": "do some shit",
"image": "image URL1"
}, {
"id": 2,
"title": "something2",
"description": "do some shit2",
"image": "image URL2"

Answer Source

Your data after being parsed from a JSON string is an object, hence why .push isn't working.

It looks like what you want to do is allTasks.tasks.push(newTask);

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