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How do I represent a time only value in .NET?

Is there is way in which one can represent a time only value in .NET without the date? For example, indicating the opening time of a shop?

TimeSpan indicates a range, whereas I only want to store a time value. Using DateTime to indicate this would result in new DateTime(1,1,1,8,30,0) which is not really desirable.

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As others have said, you can use a DateTime and ignore the date, or use a TimeSpan. Personally I'm not keen on either of these solutions, as neither type really reflects the concept you're trying to represent - I regard the date/time types in .NET as somewhat on the sparse side which is one of the reasons I started Noda Time. In Noda Time, you can use the LocalTime type to represent a time of day.

One thing to consider: the time of day is not necessarily the length of time since midnight on the same day...

(As another aside, if you're also wanting to represent a closing time of a shop, you may find that you want to represent 24:00, i.e. the time at the end of the day. Most date/time APIs - including Noda Time - don't allow that to be represented as a time-of-day value.)

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