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VB.Net Custom Mask for Date/Time AM/PM

Here's what I'm trying to do.... I have a field in my application where I am to capture datetime something like this 11/02/2016 12:19 PM (example). I have a field in SQL Server with

datatype = smallDatetime
. It gets saved like this
2016-11-02 12:19:00
. In my app I set the CUSTOM mask to 00/00/0000 90:00 am. Now what I'm trying to do is populate this saved date into my masked textbox but it does not look proper. Is there a way for me to format is somehow so when I try to populate the field in my application it looks properly? This is what I've been trying to figure out...

If Not IsDBNull(Dt("SavedOn")) Then
txtSavedOn.Text = Format(Dt("SavedOn"), "mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm tt"))
End If

Wha thappens is the PM/AM part gets displayed incorrectly and it only shows the M and a number instead of p/a

enter image description here

Answer Source

Change your mask to

00/00/0000 90:00 aa

Also your date format

txtSavedOn.Text = Format(Dt("SavedOn"), "MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm tt"))

(note the capital MM for month, opposed to lower mm for minute)

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