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jQuery Question

Append table with images from Firebase

I am trying to append table with images. But for some reason it is not displaying them. What can cause this?

This is the


$(document).ready(function() {
var brandsRef = firebase.database().ref().child("Snuses");
brandsRef.on("child_added", snap=> {
var productImageUrl = snap.child("productUrl").val(); //This is the image src
var brandName = snap.child("Brand").val();
var product = snap.child("Products").val();
var nicotine = snap.child("nicotine").val();

+ "<td>"+$("img").attr("src", productImageUrl);+"</td>" //Is this right way to do it?
+ "<td>"+brandName+"</td>"
+ "<td>"+product+"</td>"
+ "<td>"+nicotine+"</td>"
+ "</tr>");


Answer Source

$("img") just grabs all the images on the page as it's treated as a CSS selector. What you probably wanted was $("<img/>").

In general, your code should probably look something like:

var $row = $('<tr></tr>').appendTo('#tableBody');
$('<td></td>').appendTo($row).append($('<img />').attr('src', productImageUrl));
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