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AngularJS Question

Refreshing ng-repeat without $scope, without new request to sever

I have a table with this content:

<tr ng-repeat="result in ctrl.result track by $index">
<td ng-bind="$index+1"></td>
<td ng-bind="::result.title"></td>
<td> <button type="button" class="btn" ng-click='ctrl.deleteItem(result)'>Delete</button></td>

And in my controller I have:

vm.deleteItem = function (result) {
.then(function (response) {
vm.result.splice(result, 1);

As you see, the
has changed if the item be deleted successfully.
Now, the item deleted in db, so we have response and then the item has been removed from
, too. But the list hasn't updated in browser.

As you see, I use
controller as
approach and not

Answer Source

Try deleting the item this way:

vm.result.splice(vm.result.indexOf(result), 1);

The first Splice parameter should be the index of element rather than element itself.

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