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Xcode 8 auto-generated quick help documentation

Among the new features announced in Xcode 8, we can see

"Auto-generate Quick Help documentation" :

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Is this the end of manual code documentation like we can learn on this article from NSHipster ?

Can someone outline the pros and cons of this new feature ? Does it replace tools like Jazzy ?

I couldn't find more information about the new feature.

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They're just saying that you can select a method like this:

func foo(bar: Int) -> String { ... }

Then choose "Structure" - "Add documentation" from Xcode's "Editor" menu, and it will generate the following comments template for you:

/// <#Description#>
/// - parameter bar: <#bar description#>
/// - returns: <#return value description#>

It just facilitates the writing of documentation for Quick Help.