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Executing and get pid a background process in PHP on Windows

I started a process in background in Windows apache server.

index.php following this:

$cmd = "C:/xampp/php/php.exe -f test.php";
pclose(popen("start /B ". $cmd, "r"));
echo "OK";

test.php following this:

file_put_contents("1.txt", date("Y-m-d H:i:s"));

At that time, I want to get pid which
php -f test.php
When I start index.php, I can see new
process in output of
command line.
How can I get pid for this background process.


Answer Source

This will output the ProcessID after the task has been executed using wmic. You could then store this in a session or cookie to pass between pages.

$cmd = 'wmic process call create "C:/xampp/php/php.exe -f /path/to/htdocs/test.php" | find "ProcessId"';

$handle = popen("start /B ". $cmd, "r");

$read = fread($handle, 200); //Read the output 

echo $read; //Store the info 

pclose($handle); //Close


ProcessId = 1000
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