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Assigning JSON Value to PHP Array from Google Maps API Query

I am trying to find a way to assign the JSON value Google Map's API Returns when passed an address. I would search Google, but I am only a few month deep into PHP and really don't know what keywords to use. I really don't even know what a JSON is?

Anyway, I found this article that explains how to query Google Maps with an address and have it return a GPS Location. When I tested it in my browser, the text appears. I just don't know what to use to take what the browser is displaying and assign in to an Object in a PHP page.

This is the Google Maps Query:"ADDRESS"&output=csv&oe=utf8

This my function where I want to use this:

//Queries Google Map's API with an address and assigns the returned GPS Location
//to this Object
public function build_me($this_address)
//Builds the query from the address array to send to the Goole Maps API
$query = $this_address["Line1"].",".$this_address["Line2"].",".

//Location_Array =$query&output=csv&oe=utf8
$this->latitude = //Location_Array['Something'];
$this->longitude = //Location_Array['Something'];

This is the article that I am referring to:

My question is, how would I go about doing this? Are there any good tutorials on this?
Thanks in advance for anyone pointing me in the right direction!

Answer Source

Actually the URL you are showing will produce a CSV output (that is why it has the output=csv parameter). You can see it if you simply insert it into your browser (Downing Street 10):


Here are some useful resources to get the job done:

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