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JSON Question

Assigning JSON Value to PHP Array from Google Maps API Query

I am trying to find a way to assign the JSON value Google Map's API Returns when passed an address. I would search Google, but I am only a few month deep into PHP and really don't know what keywords to use. I really don't even know what a JSON is?

Anyway, I found this article that explains how to query Google Maps with an address and have it return a GPS Location. When I tested it in my browser, the text appears. I just don't know what to use to take what the browser is displaying and assign in to an Object in a PHP page.

This is the Google Maps Query:"ADDRESS"&output=csv&oe=utf8

This my function where I want to use this:

//Queries Google Map's API with an address and assigns the returned GPS Location
//to this Object
public function build_me($this_address)
//Builds the query from the address array to send to the Goole Maps API
$query = $this_address["Line1"].",".$this_address["Line2"].",".

//Location_Array =$query&output=csv&oe=utf8
$this->latitude = //Location_Array['Something'];
$this->longitude = //Location_Array['Something'];

This is the article that I am referring to:

My question is, how would I go about doing this? Are there any good tutorials on this?
Thanks in advance for anyone pointing me in the right direction!


Actually the URL you are showing will produce a CSV output (that is why it has the output=csv parameter). You can see it if you simply insert it into your browser (Downing Street 10):


Here are some useful resources to get the job done: