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Filter specific column, if matched then get the record

I'm on Laravel 5.2. How to filter specific column if matched the given criteria on the query?

for example I have a record like

column[id] => '1', column[username] => 'id_45820', column[contents] =>
'test', column[to] => 'admin,id_45820,user', column[created_at] => '',
column[updated_at] => ''

and I have 2 variables as a criteria

$role = 'user';
$username = 'id_45820';

Now I want to do like filter the 'to' column using the '$role' and '$username' variable and if either the '$role' or '$username' or both is match to the contents of 'to' column (separated by comma) then pull that record, is that possible?

$q = notifications::where(function($query){
//I just don't know how to do it. Help please?


If I'm understanding your question correctly then:

$role = 'user';
$username = 'id_45820';

$q = notifications::where(function($query) use($role, $username) {
    $query->where('to', 'like', "%{$role}%")
          ->orWhere('to', 'like', "%{$username%}");

As you said you want to check if either or both exist then you just need to check if either exists.

Hope this helps!