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MediaRouteActionProvider connection dialog theme

I've tried to change theme of the MediaRouteActionProvider connection dialog. I using in my application a Light theme with Dark Actionbar, so the dialog have dark gray content, but the background is dark..
When the app is connected to a device, the other dialogs are ok, they have white background with the correct theme. (For exmaple in VideoMediaRouteControllerDialog and on the disconnect dialog.)

Have you any idea, how can I change the connection dialog's theme?

Thank you very much!

//Screenshot 1: Connection dialog (with the theme issue)

//Screenshot 2: Controller dialog (with the right, needed theme)

Answer Source

What I did was pulling the mediarouter appcompat library source from GitHub, then I fixing the theming and rebuilding the whole thing into my own custom mediarouter library.

What you're looking for in the code is MediaRouteChooserDialog, and even there, the constructor that only takes a Context as a parameter, as that's the one being called by onCreateChooserDialog() in MediaRouteChooserDialogFragment.

I was lazy so I simply put instead of the 0 in the constructor, and it worked just fine. But of course you can always look for a more sophisticated solution.

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