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How to get Time at which data is posted in firebase

I am making an App which contains RecyclerView with CardView.
When the data is posted in Firebase, it should show the time in RecyclerView.
For e.g. Posted 4 hrs ago, posted few mins ago , etc...

How to achieve it?

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It is very possible. It would have been best if you provided a code snippet for edit suggestions. Use mine in this case. I will make a post with a title and time.

In your adapter where you firebase post is processed, add the time like this

public class post {

private String Title;
private long Time;

public post(String title){
    Title = title;
    Time = new Date().getTime();

public post(){}

public String getTitle() {return Title;}
public void setTitle(String title) {this.Title = title;}
public long getTime() {return Time;}
public void setTime(long time) {this.Time = time;}


now when you make your post, you will have values title and time in milliseconds and you will not have to call time. It is added automatically.

                .setValue(new post(Title));

when showing your data on recyclerview, you will get the data normally

viewHolder.showPosts(model.getTitle(), model.getTime());

and set time to in the example you showed like

                    System.currentTimeMillis(), DateUtils.MINUTE_IN_MILLIS));
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