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Jenkins: Multiple Git repositories for one project

I want to build a project using two Git repositories. One of them contains of the source code, while the other has the build and deployment scripts.

My problem is that I need to have a repository for building and deployment of different parts of the project (big project, multiple repositories, same build and deployment scripts), but Jenkins does not seem to be able to handle this (or I don't know/didn't find how).

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Yes, Jenkins can handle this. Just use Multiple SCMs under Source Code Management, add your repositories and then go to the Advanced section of each repository. Here you need to set Local subdirectory for repo (optional) and Unique SCM name (optional).

Your repository will be pulled to the Local subdirectory which you have set so then you can build them in any order you want.

Updating per harishs answer - you need to install Multiple SCMs Plugin in order to achieve this functionality.

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