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how to get location-id of instagram api in android

I am making one android application related to instagram so that I read all instagram developer apis after that i tried first user authentication it is working fine I am accessing user data by user-id api.Now i want location information for that i need location-id.I don't know where will i get

with user-id:**userid**/?access_token=13145898924.f59def8.f14ee72f42f14bea9f56d6dc96924483

with location-id:

in first url I got userid and I am retrieving information
in second url i don't know location-id please help me

Answer Source

1: First use facebook graph API to search locations and get facebook_places_id. Here is an example:,-122.419415&distance=5000&access_token=ACCESS-TOKEN&expires_in=5184000

Get the facebook_places_id and use this instagram location search API to get the corresponding instagram_location_id


2: Get the location id and then make the instagram location media API to get recent media:

3: Here is an implementation of Instagram location media search using the above method:

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