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How to ignore <p> CSS rules in wordpress theme?

I'm editing the stylesheet of my Wordpress blog. I've installed a theme that's otherwise pretty cool, but its styling of blockquotes is very ugly.

I can edit the appearance of the

object just fine. The problem is that the paragraph that I put in between those quotes is also assigned
tags by Wordpress, and those also take properties from the stylesheet. The theme has very intricate styling for the
tag, and because of that, those take priority over the things I'm trying to make it do.

Sample code:

<p>Text here</p>
<blockquote><p>Quote here</p></blockquote>
<p>More text</p>

Sample CSS:

blockquote {
/* styling here */
blockquote p {
/* whatever I put here is overwritten by other stylesheet rules */
.post-video .video-div p {
/* stylesheet from my theme that has more levels than my own added style rules, so takes priority */

Basically, the
.post-video .video-div p
rules overwrite my own
blockquote p
rules, so I can't change the appearance. I also don't really want to mess with all those theme-specified classes. I know I could write
.post-video .video-div blockquote p
and be more important than the standard rules, but I don't know what those classes do and would rather not mess with them.

Any suggestions how to solve this?

Answer Source

Use !important after your styling.

blockquote p {
   background: red !important;

!important will force the browser to honor your CSS and use it over any other CSS written for that element.

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