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ASP.NET (C#) Question

Cannot read property 'match' of undefined asp MVC Morris Chart

Good day!

I'm currently working on a dashboard with a morrischart in it. The dashboard is made with ASP MVC.

With javascript i call a function in my controller that returns me my data.

$.get('@Url.Action("Diagram")', function (result) {
console.log(result) #Has the the correct information
element: 'morris-area-chart',
data: result,
xkey: 'period',
ykeys: ['ColliAantal'],
labels: ['Colli aantal'],
pointSize: 1.5,
hideHover: 'auto',
resize: true

"Result" contains the json data i need for the chart.'

The code i show here is the controller code. scorebord is already defined and had the good data in it.

List<ChartData> chartData = new List<ChartData>();
foreach (Scorebord item in scorebord.Take(100))
chartData.Add(new ChartData(item.ColliQty, item.Datum));
var json = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(chartData);
return Json(json, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);
catch (Exception ex)
return null;

The weird thing is, if I go into debug and copy the data that is returned in the controller and past it in directly in the javascript as data, the thing suddenly works!

I hope someone can help me with this, probably simple, problem. Thanks!


Have you already tried to return your json var (only string) instead of an object of type Json?