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PDF.js - Using search function on embedded PDF

I embedded a PDF using PDF.js with the

iframe src=viewer.html?file=...
tag. I'm using PDF.js and its viewer.html as it already provides a search function that I couldn't find in any other example.

I would like the user to be able to click on a
and use the containing text to search the PDF and jump to the first occurence. JSFiddle:


<div id="tableDiv"><table border="1" width="400px"><tr><td>6.5 Calling External Functions</td></tr></table></div>
<iframe id="pdfImage" width="600px" height="600px" class="pdf" src=""></iframe>


$('td').unbind('click').click(function () {
alert("Find text in PDF!");

I found similar questions on SO but they couldn't really answer my question:


Answer Source

As no one else responded to my question I'm going to answer it myself. I finally got it working by using the viewer.html @

Here is some example code that I wrote to make it work. Hope it will help someone else in the future., 0);

// search with PDF.js
function searchPDF(td_text) {;

    var event = document.createEvent('CustomEvent');
    event.initCustomEvent('find', true, true, {
        query: td_text,
        caseSensitive: $("#findMatchCase").prop('checked'),
        highlightAll: $("#findHighlightAll").prop('checked'),
        findPrevious: undefined
    return event;
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