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jQuery Selector returns function instead of DOM

This is an odd one..

The followings are taking place well after the page has been loaded.
I'm trying to add a class to a known (I know the element's id) DOM element.


However, this returns back a jQuery function, not the DOM element.
enter image description here

Since the selector is an Id and there is only one element on the page, i can't use the [0] or first() functions.

Ultimately, the followings doesn't work!


The element clearly exists on the page.
enter image description here
What am I doing wrong?

Answer Source

The title of your question isn't really related. jQuery selectors always return a deferred function of sorts. Commonly called a jQuery set wrapper. In this case, it's wrapping an empty set.

I think your real confusion here is caused by the # that you put in the id. Get the # out of the id and you'll be fine. Alternatively, see other answers on escaping it.

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