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JQMIGRATE: easing function "jQuery.easing.swing" should use only first argument

I am upgrading my JQuery V1.9.1 to V3.0 and I am using the "jquery migrate 3.0".
I have this warning in my Console :

JQMIGRATE: easing function "jQuery.easing.swing" should use only first argument

When I searched the source of the warning's message, I found this code :

$('#cleanTable').find("tbody").fadeIn(200, function() {

How can I rewrite this code to not get warning message?

I have found this link but I can't figure out How can I fix it?

I have the same warning for this code also :

$("#" + p_divId).hide(0, function() {
$("#" + p_divId + 'Mask').remove();
$("#" + p_divId).children().remove();
}); // end .hide

For more information, you can see the console trace for second code:

migrateWarn @ jquery-migrate-3.0.0.js:64 @ jquery-migrate-3.0.0.js:324
tick @ jquery.js
jQuery.fx.timer @ jquery.js
Animation @ jquery.js
doAnimation @ jquery.js
dequeue @ jquery.js
(anonymous function) @ jquery.js
each @ jquery.js
each @ jquery.js
queue @ jquery.js
animate @ jquery.js
jQuery.fn.(anonymous function) @ jquery.js
$.fn.extend.hide @ jquery.ui.js
Hide0 @ (index):1663
onclick @ (index):1647

Answer Source

Finally. I found the source of problem.

I was using jQuery Easing Plugin (version 1.3) when I got this error.

In this plugin we are using several function with multi parameters like : easeInQuad: function (x, t, b, c, d) {... And this was source of my problem.

I have deleted this plugin and I have no more this warning.

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