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Python Regex: Proper way to extract separated numbers (AxBxC -> [A, B, C])

I am now trying to extract sizes from the string, which is a very common pattern i guess: AxBxC where A, B, C separated with x (may be x with spaces also), are the sizes (int or float):

import re

s = 'zzz 3062 0.2 aaa 15.8x20.2x12.2875 mm'

I am expecting to obtain onli three numbers: [15.8, 20.2, 12.2875]
The only working approach i have now is ugly:

r1 = re.findall('(\d+\.?\d*)\ *x\ *', s)
r2 = re.findall('\ *x\ *(\d+\.?\d*)', s)

{'15.8', '20.2', '12.2875'}

Is there any way to use single robust regexp for extraction these numbers?

Answer Source

It seems you need to match 2 or 3 x separated float values. You may use


See the regex demo


  • (\d[\d.]*) - Group 1: a digit and then 0+ digits or/and .
  • x - a literal x
  • (\d[\d.]*) - Group 2: a digit and then 0+ digits or/and .
  • (?:x(\d[\d.]*))? - an optional sequence of x(\d[\d.]*), an x followed with Group 3 capturing a digit and then 0+ digits or/and ..

In Python, use

re.findall(r'(\d[\d.]*)x(\d[\d.]*)(?:x(\d[\d.]*))?', s)
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