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Python Question

using x.reshape on a 1D array in sklearn

I tried to use sklearn to use a simple decision tree classifier, and it complained that using a 1D array is now depricated and must use X.reshape(1,-1). So I did but it has turned my labels list to a list of lists with only one element so number of labels and samples do not match now. Another words my list of labels=[0,0,1,1] turns into [[0 0 1 1]]. Thanks

This is the simple code that I used:

from sklearn import tree
import numpy as np
features =[[140,1],[130,1],[150,0],[170,0]]
labels = np.array(labels).reshape(1,-1)
clf = tree.DecisionTreeClassifier()
clf =,labels)
print clf.predict([150,0])

Answer Source

You are reshaping the wrong thing. Reshape the data your are predicting on, not your labels.

>>> clf.predict(np.array([150,0]).reshape(1,-1))
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