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Unable to cast object of type AnonymousType To System.Data.DataRowView in WPF

I am beginner in WPF. I am trying to read Datagrid Selected Items with DataRow/DataRowView. My code is following--

foreach (System.Data.DataRowView row in dgDocument.SelectedItems)
txtPhotoIDNo.Text = row["PhotoIdNumber"].ToString();

but I am facing the following error--

"Unable to cast object of type
to type 'System.Data.DataRowView'."

When I am trying with following Way, that works fine-

(dgDocument.SelectedCells[2].Column.GetCellContent(item) as TextBlock).Text;

The problem is when I required to add a new column/change the datagrid column position, I required to change index for entire assigned value. To cover this problem, I want to assign value with the above mentioned way with column Name.

Answer Source

The content of SelectedItems list is going to be of the type that is bound to your DataGrid. So for example if I have a property List DataSource in my codebehind and I bind this list to be the ItemsSource of the data grid:

<DataGrid x:Name="grid" ItemsSource={Binding DataSource) />

the grid.SelectedItems will return me a List of strings.

In your case the ItemsSource of the DataGrid is bound to some kind of anonymous type. While I would generally discourage from using anonymous types in this particular case, the workaround for you would be the following:

foreach (dynamic item in dgDocument.SelectedItems)
    txtPhotoIDNo.Text = Convert.ToString(item.???);

You need to substitute ??? with the name of the property from the anonymous class that contains the data you are looking to put into txtPhotoIDNo.

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