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SmartGit won't authenticate with ssh

I have a webserver with gitolite installed and where i login using my ssh key. Normally i just use git on the server itself using the command line but for a new project i need to clone a repo on my windows pc and i would like to use SmartGit for this.

But i've spend several hours already just to clone the repo via Smartgit. As remote Git i use the url i normally would use on the server: me@my-server:the-repo then after a while i get a dialogue box 'SSH Authentication' and i select my private key, as i would do for pagent, and put in my Passphrase. But when i click login it just tries to connect for a while and then shows me the 'SSH Authentication' dialogue box again. No error message or anything.

I tried the clone the repo with the same data via command line and that works just fine. So is there something i'm missing?

Answer Source

Needed to save my ssh private key as an OpenSSH key in PuTTYgen because SmartGit only understand that format.

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