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Android - get a reference to a BroadcastReceiver defined in Manifest

Is there any way how to get a reference for a BroadcastReceiver defined in Manifest.xml from code?

In my case, we are using a BroadcastReceiver that needs to be included in the Manifest.xml. However it has functionality I would like to reuse from within our code. So instead of creating another similar BroadcastReceiver and instantiating it from the code I would like to obtain a reference to the existing one.

Additional information:

My goal is to subscribe to an event on my BroadcastReceiver from my activity - an event that I would like to reuse - instead of creating another instance of this receiver in my activity I would like to obtain a reference to the existing one.

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When registering a BroadcastReceiver in the manifest, you're registering the class, not an instance of it. Each time a broadcast occurs that your <receiver> needs handle, a new instance is created to do so, so you can't really get a reference to one as you're describing.

It's perfectly fine to dynamically instantiate and register an instance of a Receiver class that you've also statically registered in the manifest. I would note, though, that if the statically registered class is going to be run anyway - that is, if it's going to handle the same broadcasts as the dynamically registered one - you might consider just notifying your Activity from the Receiver class - e.g., with LocalBroadcastManager, another event bus implementation, etc. - instead of essentially duplicating Receivers.

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