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AngularJS: list all form errors

I am currently working on an application with tabs; and I'd like to list the fields / sections that fail validation, to direct the user to look for errors in the right tab.

So I tried to leverage

to do so; yet I don't fully get it working.

If validation errors occur inside a
, e.g.:

<div ng-repeat="url in urls" ng-form="form">
<input name="inumber" required ng-model="url" />
<br />

Empty values result in
containing the following:

{ "required": [
"inumber": {}
"inumber": {}
] }

On the other hand, if validation errors occur outside this

<input ng-model="name" name="iname" required="true" />

object contains the following:

{ "required": [ {} ] }

yet, I'd expect the following:

{ "required": [ {'iname': {} } ] }

Any ideas on why the name of the element is missing?

A running plunkr can be found here:

Answer Source

As @c0bra pointed out in the comments the form.$error object is populated, it just doesn't like being dumped out as JSON.

Looping through form.$errors and it's nested objects will get the desired result however.

  <li ng-repeat="(key, errors) in form.$error track by $index"> <strong>{{ key }}</strong> errors
      <li ng-repeat="e in errors">{{ e.$name }} has an error: <strong>{{ key }}</strong>.</li>

All the credit goes to c0bra on this.

Another option is to use one of the solutions from this question to assign unique names to the dynamically created inputs.