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reST (reStructuredText) Question

Calling an external web service to populate Dynamic Data Dropdown Component

I'm trying to call a web service to complete the list of items in a Dynamic Data Dropdown Component.
I'm following the get submission page.
I've created an xpl:

<p:config xmlns:p=""

<p:param type="input" name="instance" />
<p:param type="output" name="data" />

<p:processor name="oxf:xforms-submission">
<p:input name="submission">
<xforms:submission method="get" action="myURL"/>
<p:input name="request">
<p:output name="response" id="response"/>


Then I call it in my form. When I try the form I see this error in orbeon.log

Fatal error: The prefix "xforms" for element "xforms:submission" is not bound.

Am I missing something?

Answer Source

In XML, namespace prefixes must always have a namespace mapping. You can put it on the root element of the XML pipeline, for example

<p:config xmlns:p="" xmlns:xforms="">

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