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Linux Question

Cannot run uMongo on Ubuntu 14

I've downloaded uMongo to my Ubuntu 14 OS.

I've extracted the zip to a directory.

When I double click it, I just get a text editor opened.

When I try to open it from terminal, nothing is happening:

username:~/Software/umongo-linux-all_1-6-2$ chmod +x

Any help will be profoundly appreciated!

Answer Source


username:~/Software/umongo-linux-all_1-6-2$ chmod +x

would only set the permissions of to execute and not launch it.

To launch it from the terminal, type ./ after doing the chmod +x command from earlier. Since you have set it to have execute permissions, you can run the script from the file manager by double-clicking it.

The reason why you get a text editor when you run it is because the file only has read/write permissions from the start when you extracted it.

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