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Python Question

How do I add text after a "print ("... " + ...)?

I am trying to make a Python script that is a choose your own adventure game. I'm asking what the day is.

day = input ("What is todays date?")
print ("Happy " + day)

I want to add an exclamation mark after
+ day
but it gives me an invalid syntax error.

Answer Source

For python 2.7

The first thing to note is that if you use input you ask for an integer (1,2,45,6,0,-5). And the thing you want to print is a string (a string are things you need to use quotes for).

To convert the input to a string you need to use str(). If you want to put the strings together you can simply do that with +

So it would become:

day = input ("What is todays date?")
print ("Happy " + str(day) + "!")

If using python 3.x you can drop the str().

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