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Import pandas on docker with tensorflow

I am using Windows and learning to use tensorflow, so I need to run it under Docker (Toolbox).

Following the usual instruction:

$ docker run -it gcr.io/tensorflow/tensorflow

I can launch a Jupyter notebook on my browser at
and run the tutorial notebooks without problems.

Now when I try to
import pandas as pd
, which is installed in my computer with pip, on Juypter it just said
ImportError: No module named pandas

Any idea how I can get this library to work inside the tensorflow images launched from docker?


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The Docker image should be built on a linux operating system. You should launch a shell inside the Docker image grc.io/tensorflow/tensorflow to install the requisite python dependencies.

See Docker quickstart for using

docker run -it grc.io/tensorflow/tensorflow /bin/bash

and then

sudo apt-get install python-pandas

according to pandas docs.

To avoid doing this every time you launch the image, you need to commit the change to create a new image.

To commit the change, you need to get the container id (after run and installation steps above):

sudo docker ps –a # Get list of all containers previously started with run command

Then, commit your changes git style using the container_id displayed in the container list you just got and giving it an image_name of your choosing:

sudo docker commit container_id image_name 

The new image will now show up in the list displayed by sudo docker ps –a.

If you get a free docker account you can push and pull your updated image to your docker repo, or just keep it locally.

See docs under 'Updating and Committing your image'.