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maven version tag [1.0,) does not work

I have the following dependency defined in my



with which I wanted to say "Take all the jars starting from version 1.0". I guess this is the correct way.

I have two versions in my local repository (.
) and I need both of these jars to have a successful compilation. However, I get an error saying that some packages do not exist. I checked the debug output and saw that maven only considers one of the jars (the last version) during the compilation, disregards the other one. And when I looked at the error message closely, I noticed that the packages it is talking about, are in the jar which is disregarded.

[DEBUG] /home/user/.m2/repository/runtime_shared/org.boofcv/1.0.2/org.boofcv-1.0.2.jar

Does anyone know why isn't version tag working?

Answer Source

You are referring to a syntax unique to the maven enforcer plugin.

Such syntax like [1.0,) is not valid for normal use of maven projects.

As per Jens' comment, you should specify a concrete version.

Here is the plugin documentation

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